Joan Wyand 05 CR

Based in Providence, RI


Joan is very aware of our material culture, and likes to transform the refuse she collects into beautiful objects.  These geode spheres appear as crystal rock formations, but are fabricated in ceramic from cast flotsam and glazed with recycled glass shards.  These objects tastefully comment on the longevity of disposable products and highlight the reusability of ceramics.

Flight From Fear is a collaborative line of ceramic dish ware fabricated by Joan Wyand and illustrated by Harrison Bucy.  Each cup is handmade in Providence, RI.


What are some things that inspire you in your studio practice?

Collaboration and shifting material culture inspire my studio practice. The ceramic cups are cast from discarded styrofoam cups collected from the Narragansett Bay shoreline, transforming trash into a reusable artifacts. The collection of odd-ball characters, made in collaboration with Harrison Bucy, show the beauty of a unique community.


Does your current creative practice tie into your time spent at RISD? How so?

My current creative practice including ceramics, fabric, performance, and teaching is very much in line with the work I was creating while at RISD. In school I began casting trash and that continues to be a large element of my work including Flight from Fear & my sculptural work. My multi-faceted creative practice also includes performance, costumes, and various collaborations.


Is there a work/body of work that you are particularly excited about sharing with us at RISD Craft this year?

We are super excited to release FIVE new Flight from Fear characters for RISD Craft 2017!! A clown & a two-headed character, among a few others, will be added into the mix!


Any recent press/exhibitions/achievements you'd like to share with us?

Our ceramic cups were featured by Headmaster in their online store, the Headshoppe, last fall! Check out the special release here:

Our featured Hard-on Harry cup will be available for purchase at RISD craft.


To see more of Joan's work, visit and