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Location: Benefit Street between Waterman and Hopkins Streets (on RISD campus), Providence

Date + Time: October 7, 2017, 10am - 5pm

Parking + Transportation: Please note that we don't have designated parking for participants on the day of the sale. There is street parking nearby, but check signs to make sure the time regulations are being followed. RISD parking lots are free and open to non-permit holders to use on Saturday, but they fill up fast.


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Your Booth: Your space is approximately 8 ft wide space on the street, and approximately 6 - 7 ft from the curb. Each space comes equipped with one 6’ x 30” table and two folding chairs. You may bring additional display material or furniture, but keep in mind that you need to stay within this space, and do not encroach on your neighbor's space.

View your BOOTH ASSIGNMENT here, you will also be given the booth number when you check in at the show. All juried alumni participants will check in at the corner of Waterman and Benefit Street the morning of the sale, and their booths will be between Waterman and College streets. There's a basic map of the street to the right.

Your Display: Your display is entirely up to you, although no covered tents are allowed, and bear in mind that your space is directly next to someone else's space, and you might need to allow for some "buffer" room for customers to look at your work! Check out booth displays from past sales on our Facebook page! This is a street sale: please do not have items for sale on the sidewalks. If you put some storage on the edge of the sidewalk, make sure it isn't blocking the entire thing. DO NOT hang items on fences, you will be asked to move them.

Making Sales: We encourage you to accept credit cards at the sale. Many mobile card readers now offer offline mode capabilities for your phone or tablet, which allows you to accept swiped card payments when Internet service or your connection is giving you trouble. You are able to use the RISD guest wifi on the day of the sale, but the network can get a bit crowded during RISD Weekend. There is an ATM down the hill at the RISD store, but many a sale has been lost in the past when credit cards are not accepted. Check out Pay Pal here or Square to get started with mobile payment acceptance.

Promotional materials

Help us spread the word by sharing our handy email headers with your email lists! Copy the image above, or download a .pdf, .jpg or .png file from our dropbox folder:

You can also help by sharing the facebook event page with your friends on social media!


Stock Up on Promotional Items: Business cards, buttons, postcards and other fun materials are a great way to start the conversation with potential customers and give them something to take home and remember you by!

Gain More Fans: Include a mailing list sign-up at your booth or create signage that lets people know, clearly, who you are and how they might get in touch with you or follow you on social media.

Greet Your Potential Customers: This seems like a given, but people are usually looking to interact with the artist that created what they are looking at! Just a smile and a greeting allows potential customers to feel more comfortable about asking questions and finding out more-- if you're looking at your phone or avoiding eye contact will put people off!

Enjoy the Day: Most artists' priority is to sell a lot of work at the sale, but keep in mind that thousands of people walk the sale this day, and this is your chance to make a lasting impression that might lead to future contact or online sales, publicity or other opportunities. Some people take more time to buy art than others!

Be Prepared: We suggest bringing the following with you to help stay organized and energized on the day of the sale:

  • pens, pencils, tape
  • snacks and water (there will be food for purchase nearby)
  • thermos of coffee/tea (it's chilly in the morning!), plenty of water
  • extra labels or pricing materials
  • receipt book (some customers will want receipts, and this is also great for keeping track of your total sales for the day)
  • table cloth,  flowers/display goodies
  • business cards and/or sign up sheet for a mailing list
  • Money! cash box with at least $100 worth of change (visit the bank Friday and bring plenty of small bills! Also consider: will you accept personal checks?)
  • credit card reader
  • packing materials (plastic bags, boxes, bubble wrap)- especially important if it rains
  • comfortable shoes and layers (it’s often cold in the morning)
  • sunscreen
  • weights for display if you are selling light and/or paper items- the street can be windy!

In Case of Inclement Weather: If it rains, we’ll put up a big tent, which covers the booths and a pedestrian walkway in the center. Be prepared with raincoats and boots and wear layers regardless! We have to make the call a few days before, and we always try to avoid putting up a tent if we can help it-- it's a good idea to have materials to help protect your work if it's made of a weather sensitive material.


We will decide to tent the street if it looks like inclement weather. If that happens we will email you alternative check in instructions!


  • Check-in begins at 8am, at the corner of Benefit St. and Waterman St. We'll have plenty of staff on hand to make this process as quick and painless as possible- just tell us your last name, as registration packets are organized in this way. You will not be allowed on the street to set up before 8am.
  • Please listen to the staff as they advise you on where you can/cannot leave your vehicles if you are driving! You can drive directly onto Benefit Street from 8 am to 9:15 am, accessible only from College St. You may encounter a Providence policeman telling you the street is closed- just tell them that you are unloading for the sale. When unloading at your booth, please park on the right side of the street and drive on the left. This doable but tight so please move your car as soon as you've unloaded. Your car needs to be off the street by 9:30, and your booth should be set up by 9:45am.
  • You need to check in no later than 9am-- if you are running late, let me know by phone call or text! I will check what booths are empty beginning at 9am, and offer them to people waiting on standby. The sale technically starts at 10am, but people begin wandering onto the street at 9:45, so we urge you to have your space mostly set by this time.
  • When you check in you'll receive a registration packet in which you'll find reminders for the day, your nametags (please wear!), your temporary sales permit (if applicable), your sales reconciliation that must be turned in when you check out between 5-6pm, and vouchers for a free coffee/tea at Carr Haus Cafe.
  • The registered artist must be present at the sale all day-- sales representatives are not permitted, although bathroom/food breaks are expected, of course- if you need a break and don't have a friend helping out, let me know. I have a student that can watch your booth for a few minutes if need be. They will NOT sell your work for you, however.  Not only is this a sale and an opportunity for you to show your work, but it is a RISD Community event where alumni and students have the chance to interact with each other and the public.
  • We are open until 5pm! Keep in mind that you need to keep your booth open for the entire duration of the show.
  • Remember to check-out with your completed sales reconciliation, nametags and laminated booth sign at an info table sometime between 5-6pm. Failure to check out at the end of the day andturn in your sales reconciliation will result in being ineligible for next year's sale- the RI Tax Administration requires us to collect information from you, and it will not be accepted late this year.


Participation in RISD Craft is a benefit offered exclusively to RISD Students + Alumni, and is managed by the Alumni Relations Office. To support student activities and foster student/alumni interaction, participation in both the show and the sale is offered to RISD students.

By applying to RISD Craft you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

  • Only RISD degree program alumni + current students may participate. Alumni must be present; sales representatives are not permitted.
  • Participation is not transferable in any way. If you forgo your table, you cannot give it to another alumni; please inform the alumni office and we will contact the next person on the waiting list.
  • Works sold must be designed by and/or made by you, and not outsourced in an unethical way. Your work must comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to copyright. Food products are not permitted.
  • Participants are required to check in before setting up, and check out at the end of the day. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for the next sale.
  • The sale of RISD indicia goods is prohibited without RISD’s express consent in advance.
  • Participants accept all risks inherent to participation in the events, including but not limited to: inclement weather (rain, snow, wind and other natural forces), uneven or slippery surfaces, lost, stolen or damaged property. Alumni agree to accept responsibility to safeguard and protect their property from damage. RISD is in no way responsible for damaged property or resolving disputes over damaged property.
  • Withdrawing yourself twice in a row after being assigned a spot will result in automatic waiting list placement for the next year's sale.
  • Participants are required to limit displays to the allotted booth area, and displays cannot block another participant’s booth or the pedestrian aisle in any way. Personal tents are never allowed. Please be respectful of your neighbor! Contact sale coordinator prior to day of sale if you are unsure of what is allowed.
  • RISD reserves the right to give away your table if you do not check in at least 60 minutes before the start of the sale or let us know you’re running late.
  • Failure to show up without reasonable explanation will automatically make you ineligible for the next sale.
  • You must purchase and display appropriate sales permits for the day, as well as fill out the end-of-sale reconciliation worksheet and pay any taxes due (if applicable) when you check out at the end of the sale. Failure to do any of this will result in ineligibility for future sales. Please visit our dedicated page on Rhode Island tax policies and retail sales permits with any questions.
  • Alumni exhibitors are required to observe appropriate business practices and be aware of the rights of consumers.

 RISD reserves the right to exclude any alumni at the discretion of the Alumni Relations Office.


Contact Katrina Ellis, the sale coordinator, at or at her office, 401.277.4931.